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About InsureSimpli

Our founder, Jesse Hunkins, created InsureSimpli to provide honest and transparent information about life insurance. Our aim is to offer a one-stop-shop for both straight-forward, unbiased information and industry-leading policies that suit your needs and goals without pretense.

Jesse was his own first client when he purchased a life insurance policy. Shortly after, he was diagnosed with high blood pressure. Since he had already purchased a policy, his premiums did not go up. The importance of buying the right life insurance sooner rather than later inspired him to help others make decisions today that will help them for the rest of their lives.



Jesse Hunkins
Founder and CEO

Jesse graduated college with a degree in Finance, concentrating in risk management, insurance, and financial planning with High Honors. In his junior year, he began his career in the insurance industry, immediately gaining valuable experience. Initially, he primarily focused on home, auto and commercial insurance, however he had a growing interest in understanding how beneficial life insurance and annuities are to an effective financial plan. Jesse’s education and experienced is broadly focused on retirement and family planning, so he is very well informed on the various available strategies. But ultimately, he grew to appreciate the security associated with insurance. He enjoys simplifying the complex, by providing insightful and powerful tools to ensure his clients are protected and well taken care of throughout their retirement.


Tanner Dennis-Brown
Senior Director of Sales

Tanner focuses on providing retirement solutions for clients depending on their unique situations. He specializes in Annuities and various life insurance strategies that create and/or protect estates into retirement.

Tanner holds a B.S. in Legal Studies/Pre-Law, emphasizing Government & Non-profit Organizations. With the goal in mind of law school, he worked with several law firms as a paralegal gaining invaluable work experience, where he directly saw the impact of insurance, or lack thereof, on the public. That experience made him want to illuminate the misconceptions around the insurance industry as a whole so that consumers would have the protection and outcomes they needed.  Tanner finds it rewarding and enjoyable to help clients with this important work and to make a positive impact on individual lives every day.


Caleb Olson
Senior Account Manager

Caleb started in consumer lending working with clients to assist with their financial needs. After working in the industry, he realized the growing number of clients who needed both insurance and unbiased advice.

Caleb has a degree in Business Administration & Accounting, with the designation of High Honors.  His education provided him with a solid foundation in financial services. He is most productive when helping clients discover and implement financial solutions for their particular needs. 

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